5 Important Newborn Care Tips For Parents

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Just for a newborn, things change for new parents as well. It feels as if they are born again but with experience of life. However, newborn care is not included in it, and they can be pretty much blank about everything. Lots of advice from their parents, in-laws, grandparents, friends, and relatives. Rather than easing these pieces of advice causes confusion, doesn’t it?

To ease your confusion, we have listed out 5 tips for newborn care by experts. Don’t worry; we are not adding up to your troubles.

Newborn Baby Care Tips For First-time Parents

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1. Feed Correctly

Breastfeeding is not always an option for new ones, and doctors may suggest a special formula for such kids. Stick to it and don’t feed anything else; otherwise, it would hurt the baby. On the other hand, those feeding breast milk should at least feed 8-10 times a day for 10 minutes. This is not the exact duration of time, but new ones need to feed at this frequency.

Once the mother feels a relaxed breast that means the baby’s stomach is full. Also, don’t assume the baby will do it all by itself; you have to let the breasts be accessible to them.

 2. Let Them Burp

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This is an important part of newborn care. Burping helps release extra air swallowed during feeding. If the baby doesn’t burp then, they may get stomach colic and suffer from indigestion, as happens in adults.

So hold the baby gently and put his face onto your shoulder. Pat at his or her back until you hear them burping.

3. Hold It Correctly

A newborn cannot support himself, so you have to be very careful while holding him. Never hold tightly or in the wrong way. Support his neck with your left hand and bumps with your right or support with your left arm and keep closer to your body.

This is an uncomfortable position for mommies, but the baby will lay comfortably. Once the baby turns 3, it can support itself, and you don’t have to hold it like this.

4. Umbilical Cord Care

Whether first-timers or experienced, taking umbilical cord is always a tough part because of its sensitivity. If not taken proper care of, the baby may catch the infection. So always keep it clean and dry. Use a damp cloth to clean it with lukewarm. It needs immediate care after birth( within 2-4 hours). Also, use a disinfectant on your hand before touching it, as untidy hands can increase the risk of infection.

If you see any pus or bleeding in this area, immediately consult a doctor specialized in baby care. Also, keep the diaper’s mouth folded in the naval area to let it breathe.

5. Bathing

One of the toughest and important parts of newborn care is bathing. Unlike adults, your baby does not take a bath every day. You should bathe him within 2-4 hours of birth and 2-3 times a week. Reduce the frequency in winters or completely avoid it. Ask a doctor for more personalized advice.

Also, use lukewarm water, a mild baby soap, and a clean towel for bathing the baby. If the baby is underweight, then delay bathing until the cord falls off.

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