Baby Boy Fashion Trends in 2021

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In the past, dressing up your baby wasn’t something you really did, especially since they grow up in the blink of an eye, and before you know it, they no longer fit into the baby clothes you bought them! In recent times, however, dressing up your baby is done following the latest fashion trends, which is more for the parents than the baby, (after all, they don’t really know what they’re wearing) but is no doubt a ton of fun! 

Fashion designers are taking a more creative approach to creating lines of baby clothes that somewhat resemble adult fashion, but are cute and stylish. Keep reading for 2021 baby clothing trends, as well as some tips on where to get designer baby clothes! Hint: Aubrey Gianna’s line of designer baby clothing includes very cute, functional, one-of-a-kind swaddle blankets, toys, baby clothes, accessories, and more! Shop now. 

New Colors

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Collections coming out in the new year will no doubt be colorful, containing all shades of red, coral, green, blue, mint, mustard tones, and burgundy. With that being said, you will still be able to find basic colors like grey, white, and black, as those never truly go out of style. However, the emphasis will be moved to increasingly unisex clothing options that save time and leave space for more accessorizing. As current fashion trends act as an ode to fashion trends in the 60’s and 70’s, you should expect some colors, patterns, and styles that represent that time.

More Use of Texture

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Chances are that a lot of baby clothes you saw within the last 10 years were simple cotton, with a few expectations here and there. In the new year, it should be expected to see an increase in fashionable, textured clothes for babies, ranging from delicate velvet and luxurious satin to knit and denim. Fashion designers will try to make things as natural for children as possible without sacrificing style. Even the most convenient and stylish clothing will not hamper children’s movements. Nothing will be tough and starchy, but will instead be trendy and functional. 

Baby Boy Clothing 2021 Trends

Baby boy clothing trends in 2021 will center around prints and lettering that play with different styles and textures. Trendy items will include denim and textures like velvet and knit. For the wintertime, you can find knitted warm sweaters and fashionable jackets. 

No matter what time of year it is, designers will carefully consider the materials that are most suitable for that season, providing a variety of trousers that are different in the main material and appearance, so everyone will be able to find the most suitable option for their baby. 

In colder months, baby boy winter clothes will consist of adorable and soft shirt and pant sets in neutral tones, like white, grey, and cool tones. Knit sweaters in mustard tones will also be huge, especially when layering with overalls.  

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