Baby Chewing Toys To Soothe Your Teething Babys Gum

baby chewing toys

Baby Chewing Toys To Soothe Your Teething Baby’s Gum

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Nothing can compare to a gummy smile that illuminates a room. And on second thoughts, there is nothing like the first signs of a baby’s tooth, which brings applause from all loved ones. However, teething is a disturbing experience for most.

There is no pattern on when a newborn will start teething. How long the method will be or how painful the experience will be is not known. For some, it may happen overnight, while for others, it could take a long time. Some are born with teeth. Yeah, of course, parents find it a bit confusing. At the same time, others may show no sign till late.

This process of teething is often hereditary. If parents teethed earlier, their child would likely follow the same. However, Babies can start as early as three months, or it might take one full year. However, the early, the better, because babies start feeding on solid things at around four months. So having some teeth will show to be handy. Parents require to take care of the teething process of their little ones. That is why, today, I’ll share some information about baby chewing toys for your baby.

Baby Teething Toys

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Instead of gently rubbing baby’s gums (with, of course, clean hands!) or giving him/ her something cold to chew (most of the parents rely on a sippy of ice-cold water in a pinch or a frozen wet washcloth), you may want to try giving baby teething toys. It is also called teethers; teething toys give babies with sore gums something safe to chew on. However, this is helpful because the gumming action provides counter pressure for the baby’s brand-new teeth that can be soothing and help relieve pain.

Tips For Choosing The Best Teething Toys For Your Baby

Teething toys come in a range of several styles and materials, and there are more innovative designs than ever. Well, here are some essential things to keep in mind when buying baby teethers:

Material And Texture

Babies will happily chew on anything they can get their hands on when teething, but they may be drawn to certain textures or materials over others. However, some babies like soft, pliable materials (like silicone or cloth), while others prefer more rigid materials (such as wood). Apart from that, bumpy textures may also help offer added relief.


Teething rings are very classic, but these days you can also find different kinds of teethers or chewing toys, from teething toothbrushes to teethers that look like small toys or blankets.

Avoid Amber Teething Necklaces.

According to the AAP or American Academy of Pediatrics, teething necklaces and beads are unsafe since they can become a strangulation hazard or choke.

Bottom Line

When choosing teething relief products for your little one, make sure to avoid topical products containing the gum-numbing ingredient benzocaine, which can have life-threatening side effects. Homoeopathic or “natural” teething products that contain belladonna are also unsafe, according to the FDA.

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