Baby Fashion Bloggers Is Starting to Write About Baby Items

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Most of the baby fashion bloggers out there will be promoting clothes that fit them very well. But, do not go by their looks alone. If you simply copy their style, this may not always look good on your baby because it won’t really making her feel as comfortable. It’s about time that you realize that babies are different from adults and clothes have to be designed differently. So, show the key baby fashion secret in finding the perfect clothes for your little bundle of joy.

Let’s get one thing straight first. Most of the baby fashion bloggers are either sponsored by one of the major baby product companies or they get their information from those companies. The following list of baby fashion bloggers, which are sponsored by a particular company or know of a specific company who is the mother to many fashion designers is Che, D&G, Baby Grits, La Leche League, Belly Basics, The Chexsystems, Just Hogue and Mommy to Be.

An Overview

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Most of these baby fashion bloggers are sponsored by one or two companies. One of these companies is Sono Di toile. Sono toile is a baby designer that has been around since the 1930’s and has gained quite a following. You may have seen some of their creations on TV shows like Dora the Explorer and American Idol.

As for Chexsystems, they sponsor the lovely lady known as Mommy to Be. Here is a quick recap of what the Chexsystems is all about. They are a privately held company based out of California that collects credit card information from vendors. Once the information is in their database, they have to charge people for purchases they feel are unauthorized.

Baby Fashion Bloggers

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So, what does this mean to us as baby fashion bloggers? We are allowed to give our honest opinion on products that we know believe in. We do not get paid for this information. Many of these blogs are read by parents who are concerned about how their baby is dressed, what jewelry is safe for their child and any other thing that may be important to them.

If you are a Mom who is concerned about what you are buying for your little boy or girl, you can check out Chexsystems and see what they say about certain products. You can also check out the sites of other brands. Think about it. If you truly want to know if a product is safe, you would rather know ahead of time than to make an impulsive buy.

There are a lot of benefits to this as well. For example, if a product is dangerous you don’t have to take the risk of letting a stranger uses your baby’s eye cream. You never know what you are getting. Also, you may want to know if there has been any recalls on these products. This is a good way to protect yourself as well as your baby. In fact, you may even want to see if the company is willing to offer refunds.

While many baby magazines feature celebrity reviews you may find there are a lot of independent reviews as well. You may be able to find blogs that feature independent reviews on different brands or even on individual pieces of baby clothing. You can also learn about new trends or even learn about some of the latest in celebrity style. While you are doing your research keep in mind that while many of the items may be safe for your baby some of them may be dangerous. Keep this in mind and use your best judgment.

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