Baby Kittens Care – Tips For Newborn Kittens

baby kittens care

Kittens and mother cats share a lot in common, and knowing how to give the proper care and attention to your new born kittens can make all the difference between a happy and healthy experience and a long suffering for your feline friend. Unlike kittens, mother cats usually have a den like atmosphere to provide her kittens with a safe haven during the early days of their lives. In most cases, a cat will choose a particular den location specifically because it is her territory or she has chosen it since she was a kitten. Since kittens do not have this sense of “motherly instinct”, they must learn the fine points of mother cat care from their own mothers.

Proper Socialization

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First off, it is extremely important that kittens get proper socialization before even being introduced to their foster-mother (the mother who has just come into contact with the newborn kittens). A good way to accomplish this is by taking care of the kittens while they are in the mother’s hands. This includes pampering them using a soft and smooth cloth. It also means that you need to take care of yourself as well so that you can be a reliable caregiver for your newborn kittens. The following tips may help you and your family get along better while taking care of your newborn kittens.

If the mother cat is dead then the entire orphaned kittens will naturally begin to nurse on its own until it gets back to full health. In order to encourage the young kittens to nurse, you should put a little bit of lukewarm water in the bottle and keep it near you at all times. When the baby kittens are nursing from the bottle then you can take a small amount of formula out and nurse the baby kittens. This will encourage the kitten to nurse on its own. As baby kittens start to grow and develop, they will start to need more formula to continue their nurseries.

When taking care of newborn kittens you should pay special attention to their diet. You should not let the baby kittens eat any type of solid food when they are younger. Instead you should provide them with some of the natural foods like goat milk which is the best for the young kittens. Goat milk will give the kitten the nutrients that they need to grow up strong and healthy.

Sleeping Habits

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Another tip on how to take care of a kitten is that when it comes to their sleeping habits you should allow them to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning according to their own schedule. You should only allow the kittens to sleep in their cradle. You should also set a feeding time once a day. This way you can watch the way they sleep and if necessary they will get to eat their own milk in the morning. In order to encourage the kittens to sleep they should be given their usual milk or some other substitute every day.

Cats and kittens are very different from one another so it is important that you understand each other properly. The most important thing about a new kitten is that they should always be taken care of like a mother cat. A new mother cat will nurse her kittens until they can take care of themselves. Kittens need to be weaned off from their mother’s milk because they can not consume formula when they are older. Once the kittens are weaned off from milk, you should not leave them with their mother anymore because it can cause serious illnesses to both the kitten and the mother cat.

Bottom Li

After four weeks the mother cat will have weaned the kittens off of milk and you should now allow them to live in their own environment. At this point the kitten will be ready to go home and you can introduce them to their family. One of the best things you can do for newborn kittens at this point is to take care of an adult cat who is familiar with them. If the mother cat does not have any family members then you might want to consider adopting another orphaned kitten instead of taking care of the orphaned kitten yourself. You can find more information on how to adopt an orphaned cat online or in a classified ad.

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