Baby Squirrel Care – How To Properly Care For Your Pet

baby squirrel care

Being small babies, squirrels are very fragile and require special attention when it comes to their needs. If a mother squirrel does not have enough space for her young, she may choose to leave the young by herself and protect them from other predators. In order for the mother to provide her young with everything they need to grow up healthy, she must provide them with a safe, comfortable place to sleep where they can feed on a steady diet of formula, fresh water, and food that will sustain them until they’re weaned by eating regular baby food.

Throughpedialyte Cleaning

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One of the best ways to give your baby squirrel a steady diet of nutritious food is throughpedialyte cleaning. Pedialyte cleaning is an easy way to get your baby squirrel’s mealworms (or other type of worm) moving around. You can purchase pedialyte tubes at your local pet store or online. Just be sure to ask questions about the product and proper use. You can even purchase them in kits so that it is easier on you. Make sure to clean the tube before each use to prevent the build up of dirt and bacteria that can harm the baby squirrel.

Another way to nourish your baby squirrels is through making sure that they are getting plenty of calcium and vitamin C. Formula that is rich in these two nutrients will help keep their eyes open and alert. The formula that is low in calcium or that is bland will make them more inactive. This will keep them from gaining weight and will also hinder the growth of their baby teeth. You can easily find a formula that contains calcium and Vitamin C at your local pet store or online. Just be sure to read the label carefully so that you get the right combination for your pet. As long as your baby squirrel has plenty of calcium and Vitamin C, they will grow strong and healthy.

If you have a heating pad near your home, putting some baby formula on the heating pad will help keep them warm. Be sure to wash the heating pad thoroughly after using it to remove all traces of formula. A heating pad does not need to be replaced every time you heat it. Just be sure to wipe it down periodically with a damp cloth or paper towel.

When it comes to feeding, you can either do it yourself or seek out professional assistance. Many squirrel enthusiasts prefer to hand feed them since it is more natural and keeps them from becoming dependent on anyone else. However, if you are going to do it by yourself, you will need to purchase some food for your pets. There are many brands of food that are designed specifically for rehabbers and provide the nutrients that they need. You can purchase formula at your local pet store or online.


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Finally, you will need to purchase a small bottle with an attached warming mechanism. A warming device will keep your baby squirrel warm. These items can be found at many pet stores or online.

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