Baby Toys Without Pollution Or Harm

how to clean baby toys

How to clean baby toys is a question many new parents find themselves asking after witnessing several nicks and scraps from very small children’s toys. How to clean baby toys safely is no different than how you clean your toys. If you have a baby, then you know that toys made of wood, metal, and other hard materials can be very difficult to clean properly. The fact that it takes a bit of extra effort is certainly understandable. After all, every parent wants to ensure the best for their child, which means doing everything possible to protect them from harm.

Baby toys frequently get very dirty — very fast. So here is how to safely clean soft and hard baby toys without harming your little one. Most of your little one’s toys are likely made of plastic, rubber, or another such sturdy material. Fortunately, these kinds of toys are pretty easy to clean using common household dish soap.

Using Standard Household Detergent To Wash Toys

If your little one has plush toys made of natural fiber such as fleece or wool, then you should be able to wash these using your standard household detergent. Be very careful when washing stuffed animals, though. While most fabric softeners will work on these, you may not be able to remove any soap residue that remains completely. You could try soaking the toy in soapy water or put it in the washing machine, but this is something that you should do with the utmost care.

If your child finds baths a relaxing activity, they will likely not give you any cause for concern. However, as with many things — even clean things –, bathing can cause them to become dirty. In addition to potentially harmful bacteria, dirty bath toys can also carry the virus and bacteria. In fact, in just a short period, your child could develop a severe illness from the dirt and germs that are on the toys. The best way to prevent this from happening is to rinse the bath toys in warm, clean water regularly.

Washing Fabric Toys

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Cleaning fabric toys can be a little trickier. Because these items are typically made of the delicate fabric, it’s difficult to use ordinary laundry detergent to clean them. If at all possible, you should wash these in a gentle cycle with an on-the-go washing machine. On the bright side, if the item is made of a delicate fabric such as flannel or velvet, the fabric may easily take to the gentle wash. If the item is made of fabric, you’ll need to get it dry cleaned, which is a process that you can do in a regular washing machine or by hand.

Disinfecting The Toys

Your child’s favorite toys can be disinfected before each play session. To do this, lay the toys flat on a clean hard surface. Use a disinfecting spray or liquid and scrub away any loose dirt, fingerprint marks, or other stains. After scrubbing, leave the machine’s toys on a hot cycle, which will kill bacteria and disinfect the toys.

If the toys have already been washed in the washing machine, you’ll need to rinse them with warm water. Once they’re cool enough to touch, spray them with a disinfecting spray and let them air dry. Dry them in the sun overnight. If you want to restore the toys’ vibrant colors, you can dampen the spots with some rubbing alcohol. Once they’re clean and dry, your toys will be ready for playtime.

Final Words

How to clean baby fabric toys isn’t rocket science. It’s simply a matter of making sure they’re thoroughly cleaned every time and disinfected before playing. By following these simple tips, you’ll keep your little ones happy and healthy while keeping allergies at bay. You’ll save money on doctor bills and hospital bills, too! Best of all, your precious child will be playing on quality, fresh fabric toys that won’t cause skin rashes or other health problems.

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