Best gift ideas for 2 year old kids

gift ideas for 2 year olds

Best gift ideas for 2-year-olds are usually presented that are colorful, engaging, entertaining, and attention-getting. Since toys are generally the best gifts for this age group, most of these ideas will involve some sort of plaything. However, educational toys also make great gifts for 2-year olds because they offer plenty to do with things like shape sorters or alphabet blocks. Most of the best toys for two-year-olds are subject to parental discretion. After all, some children are just more advanced than others and may not be ready for certain toys until later on in their second year.

1. Blocks

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Blocks are one of the most beneficial gifts you can give a toddler. Not only do they help to strengthen hand muscles, but blocks can also help a child learn colors, shapes, and counting. There are plenty of block sets that come with numbers or letters included for educational purposes.

2. Ride-On Toys

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Two-year-olds love to feel like big kids, so riding toys that they can use by themselves are quite popular. Tricycles are great for toddlers who know how to pedal on their own, while toy scooters are appropriate for kids still trying to get the hang of staying on something that isn’t a piece of furniture.

3. Dress-Up Clothes

Most children can’t wait until they’re big enough to wear the same clothes as everyone else in the family. Luckily, there are plenty of dress-up clothes available for children who want to be just like mommy or daddy. Dress-up sets usually include everything your child needs to get into character including accessories, shoes, and little costumes that are designed to look like actual outfits worn by adults.

4. Art & Craft Kits

Art and craft kits make great gifts for two-year-olds because they provide hours of entertainment. The best kits include everything needed to create various projects including markers, paper, crayons, and paint. Many sets also come with brushes or sponges including helping develop motor skills. If you’re not sure what kind of art supplies to include in the kit, go with the basics. These are great for beginner artists since they can help your child make rudimentary drawings and paintings without making a mess of your home.

5. Educational Toys

Educational toys can teach a child valuable skills, so they make great gifts for 2-year olds. Basic puzzles help to improve problem-solving abilities while shape sorters help a child learn about color and size. Educational toys are essential for toddlers who will be entering preschool in a year or two, but they can also benefit children who aren’t as advanced.

6. Balls

Balls are always a great gift idea for 2-year olds because they’re entertaining and easy to use. Tennis balls can be played inside, while basketball sets can create fun family games in the backyard during the summer months. Whenever you buy a ball as a gift, make sure it’s a size that’s appropriate for your child. Balls that are too big can pose a choking hazard, while balls that are too small may be difficult for your child to grip and throw properly.

7. Push Toys

Plush toys make great gifts because they encourage children to get active both inside and out. Toy mail carts allow kids to imitate parents as they run errands around the house, while toy lawnmowers can be used to “mow” small patches of grass in the yard. If you’re not sure what kind of push toys would make great gifts for two-year-olds, go with something classic like a wooden rocking horse or a tricycle.

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