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baby clothing fashion

Parents of baby boys often have a hard time finding a casual dress for boys & other kids party wear dresses for their tiny baby boys. There are, however, some brands that have come up with modish, distinctive & adorable outfits for both tiny boys & girls.
Parents now have the option to dress their baby boys & girls in charming little outfits, ranging all the way from pretty lace dresses, evening gowns, traditional Indian attire, to casual & kids party wear dresses. Here are some adorable baby boy fashion outfits.

The Gentle baby-man

A little girl posing for a picture

Every parent dreams of being an intricate part of their kids’ development process, & of seeing them grow up into a fully adult man or lady one fine day. When your little baby boy is a kid, you can still live your dream by dressing your baby boy as a handsome, charming little man. Many brands will offer you options for dressing your little boy as a little man. Oversized shirts, 1950s type suspenders, droopy pants & belts all help you in achieving this look. If you want to increase the authenticity index of the ‘little gentleman’ look, try putting on some dark-rimmed glasses with an old-timey frame on your baby boy’s eyes.

 Unique, graffiti T-Shirts & baggy jeans

A little boy wearing a blue hat

This one goes as a staple casual dress for boys. You can dress up your baby boy in colorful, unique, printed graffiti T-shirts & baggy, droopy, wide-legged jeans. This look will fit as a casual dress while inside the house, & goes well as a go-to travel look too. To add a splash of interest to it, choose T-Shirts with funny, witty quotes, & cartoon characters printed on them. Colorful, out-of-the-box T-Shirts also add intrigue & quirkiness to the look. 

Go Vintage

If you’re thinking of dressing up your baby boy in something different that still falls in the category of casual dress for boys, try going the vintage way. Pull out some of his daddy’s old baby clothes(if you still have them), run those through the laundry & make your little baby wear those for a good old-timey feeling. If you can’t get a hold of his daddy’s old clothes, you can always make a new T-shirt look old! Crinkle it up nicely, dry wash it a few times, & sprinkle a little paint on it! 

Adopt patterns

Dress up your baby boy in funky patterns like star printed T-shirts, cargo pants, flower prints, dungarees with exciting cut-outs, etc. to make your baby boy’s style game strong & different from that of the other tots. Try some hip-looking patterns like galaxy prints, rugged tees, etc. & pair it up with cowboy hats & high boots to complete the look for any outdoor activity.

Fun hoodies & sweatshirts with Khaki pants

Hoodies are the entire trend in baby clothing these days, as are sweatshirts & khaki pants. Dress up your baby boy in adorable hoodies & sweatshirts printed with all sorts of cartoon characters, puzzles, geometric shapes, wild colors, etc. You can also put a learning twist on it by choosing hoodies & sweatshirts with numerical problems, geometric patterns like squares, rectangles, triangles, etc., word games & other learning inductive puzzles printed on those. 

These are some adorable baby boy fashion outfits to try.

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