Cool Baby Toys That You Can Buy For That Baby Girl Or Boy

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Have you ever wondered how to find cool baby toys? We have all seen them at the store. Baby toys are often bright and funky looking, which makes them very attractive. But as cute as they are, there are some parents (and grandparents) who do not want their baby to play with those brightly colored toys, but are thinking of a more neutral color for their baby’s toys.

Homemade Cool Baby Gifts

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Homemade cool baby gifts can be very appealing. Homemade crafts are so cute and fun, and they are something that can be enjoyed by both parent and child. There are many different ideas for homemade cool baby gifts, including some that you might not have thought about. Here are 5 great ideas to create your own unique gift.

Cool Baby Gifts for Boys

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First, let’s start with a great idea for cool baby gifts for boys – personalized rubber duckies! These rubber duckies are usually covered in the logo of the baby, and come in a number of designs. They are usually packaged in colorful cellophane, so that the baby boy will be sure to remember his special day each time he sees the rubber duckie.

Crafty Gift Basket

Second, if you have some extra time, you might want to make up a nice crafty gift basket for a baby boy. This would include some fun items like rubber duckies, candles, soft toy cars, a teddy bear or other stuffed animals, and a nice CD with his favorite music. It is really the kind of gift you can put together in a few minutes with just a few extra minutes of your time. And it is something that will be really memorable to the parents of the child.

Baby Shower Toys

Thirdly, you may want to consider a great and easy baby shower favor that does not cost a lot of money, but still looks cool and is useful to the parents. You can easily purchase cute little tubs of homemade soap and homemade body wash from your local craft store. Then you can add in items that have baby related themes like teddy bears, blocks featuring baby booties, etc. You can even use the soap and body wash in your own home as gifts!

Create Your Own Gifts

Fourthly, you can make up some cool gifts yourself, without spending a lot of money, by cutting out shapes out of construction paper, or by drawing out a picture of a baby boy or a baby girl yourself. Then you can mail these homemade gifts to the people that you will be giving them to at the baby shower. If you want to make them more personal, you can draw out a picture of the parents and the baby, cut out a cute face for the baby, or a funny saying or quote that will surely make the people laugh. There are many other baby shower gift ideas you can come up with.


A lot of people these days also love to collect cool baby stuff. One of the best gifts to give the parents is a collection of photo albums featuring pictures of their baby boy or girl as they grow and develop. These albums will make the parents remember those cute and precious moments that they spent with their child. You can also add items that reflect the child’s gender, such as bibs featuring images of a baby boy or bibs featuring images of a baby girl.

Lastly, another cool gift that you can buy are clothing items. There are so many baby boy and baby girls clothing items available these days that you won’t believe it. Baby boys usually wear blue and white suits while baby girls wear pink and yellow ones. So if you want something that represents the gender of the baby, it would be a great idea to buy such clothing.

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