Finding The Best Baby Shower Gifts

best baby shower gifts

If you are expecting a new baby boy or girl, one of the best gifts you can give is newborn baby gifts. Newborns spend the most time growing up, and they need everything they can get their hands on to make this happen. So when it comes to newborns, go with quality and durable items. There’s nothing worse than finding out that the items you gave weren’t as helpful as you’d hoped, so here’s a guide to finding the best baby gifts for newborns.

Baby Shower Gifts Should Be Useful

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The best baby shower gifts for babies are those that are useful to the parents. Gifts like diapers and wipes, a baby cot, and stationary are all things that will help the parents out tremendously. And thanks to Etsy and other online markets, you can find personalized diaper bags and stationery all over the place. Diaper bags and stationery that have your name or a cute slogan printed on them are a lovely idea, and you can pick them up for under $5 at some craft stores or online.

Baby Blankets

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Baby blankets and quilts are also among the best baby shower gifts for babies. If you want to make the gift registry more personal, wrap the blankets or quilts in layers, or if you already have a personalized baby blanket, use it as the base layer. Another great idea for a baby shower gift registry is to add a little something special to each gift, such as a teddy bear or a piece of fruit. You could also find some unique and practical baby shower gift registries that include spa services, babysitting, or even help to put together a nursery. These are wonderful ideas for the parents-to-be.

Changing Mats And Diaper Bags

One great idea for the best baby shower gifts for newborns is diaper bags and changing mats. As the child grows, they will likely become dirty, and diaper bags and changing mats will help protect your newborn’s clothing and fragile skin from nasty surprises. Diaper bags and changing mats come in so many styles and colors that picking the perfect one can be very difficult for your recipient. For instance, you can choose from whimsical animal designs, sporty patterns, or classic floral styles.

Crib Bedding Sets

Crib bedding sets are also a great choice for the best baby shower gifts for newborns. These sets typically contain two crib sets, a changing mat, and a waterproof mattress protector. The crib sets may come with additional accessories such as diaper organizers, baby monitors, and car seat adapters. The most popular colors for crib bedding sets are pastels, with natural and synthetic fabrics. For the most personalized look, choose a unique, bright-colored bumper pad or another accent to match the theme of the crib set.

Final Thoughts

Another idea for unique baby shower gifts is an adorable stuffed animal. Socks, teething rings, and other cute items can adorn an otherwise unremarkable-looking gift basket. Just remember not to overdo it. It’s not always easy to find matching items, so feel free to purchase several products that you know will go with each other. This will ensure you have a well-stocked gift box for those unexpected babies!

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