Funniest Baby Shower Gifts That Can Nurture A Happy Environment

funniest baby shower gifts

Are you invited to a baby shower but are unsure about what to get the future parents? Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered! Baby showers are always a warm and wholesome event, and love and happiness can be felt all around because the addition of a new member to one’s family is on his/her way. Now speaking of presents, the dilemma between either gifting something of high functionality and usage for the parents or the baby can always be confusing, so opting for something that may seem like a gimmick but is actually an essential can add a little fun to the party. Therefore, a few of the funniest baby shower gifts are as follows.

Funniest Baby Shower Gifts – Printed Onesies

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Onesies with funny prints are available in plenty both online and in-stores and would make a great gift for all newborns. Humorous texts, phrases or expressions, animal designs, or quirky prints always evoke a good laugh from the parents or anyone who sees a cute chubby baby in a cute and funny outfit. They are also safe and comfortable for the baby to wear.

Funniest Baby Shower Gifts – Mommy Milestone Wine Labels

These wine labels come in sets of eight multi-colored pastel palettes, making it gender-neutral and help add a personal touch to your gift. It may be of no use to the baby, but walking into a baby shower with wine bottles that have customized labels on them can be a funny yet thoughtful gift for the parents since soon after the baby’s arrival, there will be plenty of sleepless nights and chaotic pattern shifts in one’s lifestyle but a glass of wine poured from a bottle reminding them of how well they’re doing as parents, can be just what they need, especially if it is their first time raising a child together.

Funniest Baby Shower Gifts – Halloween costumes

It’s never too early to plan for Halloween and getting babies a head to toe costume can always lighten the mood and attract everyone’s attention. It could be totally cute or totally hilarious but the more it stands out from the ordinary/age-old costumes, the better. Unique and gender-neutral outfits are ideal for baby showers and Halloween costumes are not frequently gifted so it’d be a nice and refreshing change for a first.


Baby showers are fun and get everyone you love- from family to friends together and in recent times, the traditional practices are fading and parents are adopting modern and exciting games and/or ice breakers for their baby showers, making it as unique as possible. The closer you are with the parents, the more thoughtful or personal you may want your gift to be so hopefully this list has been of use to you. Baby shower can get so much more exciting when you drop interesting gifts and especially when it is your best friend, giving funny gifts is mandatory. The first baby shower is always special for every woman and as a friend, it is your responsibility to make it as fun as possible.

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