How To Care Baby – Attention All Parents And Expectant Mothers

how to care baby

Knowing how to care baby is essential for all parents, and we would suggest if expectant mothers showed more attention to it before the child is born. Caring for a baby is more than just changing diapers and feeding them. It is about understanding their development and how parents’ behavior can impact the behavioral stance of the child. Let us get to know more about it.

Birth Defect Issues

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Women who are pregnant tend to think more about a congenital disability, and 3-5% chance of the baby having a congenital disability is possible. Usually, this is genetic. Proper care in the critical development stages of the pregnancy wear in the body e of the baby is formed could reduce the risk of congenital disabilities. The heart begins to develop for the baby in the third week, and the next week is about the development of eyes and Limbs and in 8 weeks, the teeth, mouth, ears, and genitalia are developed. The first six months could be considered as the most critical period of pregnancy.

Expectant Mothers And Child Care

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Some congenital disabilities could be genetic, but some could be the result of issues in chromosomes. We can cause some congenital disabilities due to infections or medications that do not suit pregnant women’s body and the reasons for certain congenital disabilities are still unknown. However, specific steps could be taken to ensure the risk of congenital disability is controlled and a healthy pregnancy occurs.

The lifestyle changes mark as one of the essential aspects to help healthy pregnancy. We must completely ignore the usage of alcoholic products or other related harmful habits to make sure it does not affect the fetus, especially during the early stages of pregnancy when the fetus is relatively weak to handle the external agencies. Starting from a healthy diet to relevant exercises, we must diligently follow the required activities.

How To Care Baby

These social media sites have also impacted the lives of many newly made parents. Parents who are addicted to their social lives tend to give their virtual personalities more time than their newborn children. A research study also shows that parents’ phone addiction leads to their child’s behavioral problem. It sometimes becomes very hazardous for children as they do not get the proper parenting that is needed for the proper growth and development of their baby.

Spending hours in front of the computer screen and mobile screen also leads to parents’ health issues, which then causes problems for the newly born baby. Less amount of interaction with the baby also influences the relationship between a parent and a child. Children getting less attention from their parents are hurt mentally also as they find themselves deserted in their own house and with their parents. If they do not get the correct path at such a tender age, they might choose the wrong one.


Parents should give more time to their children, and at that time, a child sees and understands the world from their parents’ perspective. Likewise, the expectant mothers should take sufficient actions like tests, lifestyle changes, and medications to ensure the baby is physically healthy when he steps foot in the world.

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