How To Sanitize Baby Toys With A Washing Machine

how to sanitize baby toys

Thus, it becomes very important to sanitize and disinfect baby toys in order to keep children safe and prevent infections from spreading. Toys can harbor various harmful bacteria and germs such as E. coli, salmonella, listeria and a host of others. Moreover, chemical residues left on a used baby toy may cause allergic reactions in the infants or the elderly. Here are some simple tips for proper storage:

When you want to know how to sanitize baby toys, one of the easiest ways is to use a washing machine. Baby toys can be placed into the washing machine on top of other dirty toys. The toys may get separated and the hot water mixed with the dirt will be automatically removed from the toys. However, make sure that the toys are completely wet before putting them into the machine.

Soft And Plush Toys

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Baby clothes, especially the newborn ones, can be dipped into the hot water in the washing machine. However, since they are soft and plush toys, the tiny little babies will likely get soaked more than the older ones. For plush toys made from wood, placing them into the washing machine for three minutes will remove most of the dirt. However, plastic toys will need soaking for about five minutes.

It is also advisable to follow the same procedure when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting used baby shampoo. When shampooing the toys, hot water should be poured on it and the wooden or plastic balls should be placed into the water. Afterward, a cup of baby shampoo should be added to the water so that the soap will be easily dissolved on the objects. The washing machine should then be turned on and the toys washed thoroughly. Afterward, they should be dried on high heat.

A Bleach Solution

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One of the ways on how to sanitize baby toys is by using a bleach solution. Though there are many parents who do not want to spend money on this household chore, there are some who actually do want to save money. Fortunately, there are also many inexpensive ways on how to effectively sanitize baby toys and other items with bleach solutions. These include:

Using a Dishwasher is one of the best ways of cleaning and sanitizing your baby’s toys. Since dishes have many germs and bacteria on them, it is essential to make sure that they are completely clean before using them again.

Plastic Baby Toys

If there are still germs and bacteria left over after using the dishwasher, then you may need to repeat the process of using hot water and soap. This can help you sanitize the toys again. However, if you are still confused on how to properly go about this process, you may ask the help of your kitchen staff.

Washing Plastic Baby Toys One of the ways on how to properly clean baby toys is by using a mild detergent and hot water. The first thing that you have to do is to soak the plastic toys in the soapy water for about ten minutes. Afterward, allow them to dry up. You may also try to dry them in the microwave since this method is also very effective.

Final Words

Caring For Plush Toys Once you have successfully done all of these, the next thing to do is to care for your toys using the right washing machine for washing baby-safe materials. There are two types of washing machines that you can use. The first type is the automatic one which uses electricity to power the rotating brush. It is the best option for soft-bristled toys such as flannels, teethers, rubber ducks, teething rings, cuddly bears, or any other soft toys. Then, you can use the dry type, which is composed of a rotary knob and a suction cup for cleaning the grime and dirt from your precious toys.

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