List of companies providing free toys to the kids

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The following companies provide free toys to the kids for a long time. It is always nice to know that there are people out there who care about children and their feelings.

1. Asteroid Kids

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For all those parents who want to find great toys for their kids and do not want to pay a fortune, we have the perfect solution. Since 2006, Asteroid Kids has been spontaneously organizing toy collections all around Germany and Austria. The concept is simple and brilliant: Parents and children collect used toys in good condition until they have enough to give them away to less fortunate kids. This non-profit initiative is committed to bringing children toys, books, and games free of charge during the Christmas season.

2. FundooZoo FundooZoo

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FundooZoo FundooZoo is Germany’s largest non-profit online kids store. It is the ideal destination for parents who want to buy their children high-quality, good value toys without breaking the bank. The philosophy of this store is very simple: FundooZoo only sells goods that are in good condition and suitable is a German company that helps children. They collect gently used toys and deliver them to underprivileged families free of charge. Please feel free to follow the link below to find out more about their good work!

3. Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger is a humanitarian organization committed to helping malnourished people around the world. Toys are urgently needed for this important aid project.

5. Santa’s Helpers Santa’s Helpers

Santa Claus is no longer able to deliver all the toys himself, but you can help with a small donation!


Bagetour collects unwanted bikes and toys. They ensure that each donation finds its way to a child in need. BAGETOUR is always looking for donations, especially children’s bikes, and toys, but they are happy about any kind of donations!

7. Santa Service Berlin Santa Service Berlin

The German capital also needs your help because many families can not afford a toy for their children. The Santa Service Berlin wants to help as many of them as possible. They are constantly looking for new helpers because especially at Christmas time the collection centers fill up very quickly.

8 . Enfants du Mékong Enfants du Mékong

Enfants du Mékong is a humanitarian aid program under the patronage of UNESCO. It currently feeds more than 200,000 children in Laos and Cambodia. To do so, it is constantly looking for toys!

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