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The Wall Clock is one of the most important items that give your home decor an unfinished look.

Currently, wall clocks with a lot of variations from time display to design and structure are affordable.

You have to know the range and adapt it to your needs so that you have your office or home’s best walking clock.

There are many things to take into consideration when decorating a house in order to obtain the optimal results. The furniture has to be chosen, the windows dressed and the various decorative features decided upon. Some of the latter are decorative, others are more convenient. The seconds will have a wall clock.

A clock on the wall is really practical. We mention this because it lets you always realise how long it is. It’s normal for you to take your wristwatch off when you get home. Furthermore, the cell phone is not necessarily in your lap, so you don’t have to find one of them to find the time.

Classic Modern Acrylic Wall Clock For Decoration

In some of India’s most selling wall clocks, the brand is highly successful. This wall clock comes in 2 colours, in gold and silver.

Both colours look elegant and make your room more elegant. The bold black numbers and minute spikes, which keep a classy look of clocks, have been printed using Stick-and Arabic time markers.

With the perfect large size of the clock you can easily, precisely, and fairly rapidly read the time even from afar.

The black colour of the analogue monitor and the white dial for the circular four-set clock both features a finely crafted black hour, minute and second hand.

Not only does this mean that the number is clear and easy to see even at midnight hours.

This lightweight wall watch is uniquely crafted to fit with the combination of a metal body and acrylic framework so that it fits the traditional or modern style, such as a home, office or some other space.

Not nurturing aesthetics but also ensuring longevity and long life are provided by synthetical foot base polishing, high-quality imported acryl dial and metal paws.

By cleaning it with a moist cloth that guarantees a long and polished glare of the finish, the wall clock can be easily preserved.

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Style Brief

Model Number S111

Is Smart Device no

Shape circular



Form Single Face



Motivity Type QUARTZ

Type-Wall Clocks

Wall Clock Type-15 mm Thick Plate


Feature-Loudspeaker Mute

Applicable Placement-living room

Combination Separates

Display Type Needle

Width 45cm

Body Material Acrylic

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen


  • High-quality acrylic material
  • Stick and Arabic time marker
  • Lightweight
  • No ticking sound


  • Isn’t suitable for small rooms


A wall clock, whether mechanical or quartz or optical, is an integral part of your home or office decor. The most important job, though, is to show time and hold you in time.

It’s not that easy to choose the perfect wall clock for a bed. It is not only due to the range of options available for form, size and style but also because only a few significant parameters are available.

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