Newborn Care Tips Related To Bottle Feeding

Mothers who have gone through the experience of breastfeeding know well how demanding it can be to breastfeed a newborn. But more than anything else, the baby needs nourishment. Newborn care also depends on the ability of the mother to produce milk.

It is not the same as breastfeeding in the sense that the skin of the baby is not in contact with the milk. The difference between breastfeeding and bottle feeding is that you don’t have to let the milk flow continuously.

As with all other forms of nutrition, there is a significant amount of nurture and discipline that is a very important part of the process. While breast-feeding, you have to look after its nutrition, and developing the digestive system of your baby.

What Are The Steps Of Bottle Feeding?

Feeding Tips
Feeding Tips

There are steps of bottle-feeding steps: using a bottle or syringe, checking the amount of breast milk, and adjusting it accordingly. Then let the child drink from a bottle-feeder only, holding the bottle above the nipple to suck it up. Transfer the baby to a pacifier if the baby tries to breastfeed, being aware of the symptoms of breastfeeding. Let us look at some feeding tips for bottle feeding. The most important of these is ensuring that the baby gets a positive experience while using the bottle.

Why Milk Botte Is Dangerous For Babies?

There are many reasons why a bottle might prove to be a dangerous method of newborn care. The baby can choke or suffocate, or get its throat damaged, especially if the bottle is not placed on the mouth. Feeding from bottles without the help of a dam or syringe is not recommended. Yes, because the baby can get its lips or tongue wrapped around the nozzle, causing permanent damage to the tongue or lips.

Things You Should Know About Feeding Milk From Bottle

The problem that mothers face is the fear of nipple confusion or incompatibility. Using a different nipple while nursing a baby is not a problem. But a different nipple while feeding a bottle-fed baby means that the child is not familiar with the process of sucking. Therefore, it is more difficult for the baby to learn new ways of using its mouth.

While the baby is still young, feeding from bottles should be carried out with utmost care. As the baby begins to sleep longer, the pressure can build up. If the process is not carried out properly, the baby can end up with an infection in the throat. While the baby is breastfeeding, the breasts must be cleaned thoroughly, both during and after each feeding.

Newborn Care Tips For New Parents
Newborn Care Tips For New Parents

When feeding from bottles, make sure that you can control the amount of milk that your baby is drinking. Do not overfill the bottle but avoid putting too much pressure on the nipples, as the baby can become irritated. Feeding from bottles makes it more difficult for the baby to suck on the nipples.

Final Words

Newborn care does not end at providing toys to your babies. Parents need to ensure that the newborn is receiving all the nutritious food, both in the early stages of its life and after the birth.

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