Simple, Effective Process To Take Care of Your Newborn’s Hair

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Most people have a misconception that babies are born hairless or just simply bald. A lot of babies arrive in this world with a thick flock of hair. Some arrive at the scene with a spiky Mohawk, or some arrive as they are having a bad hair day. Though most newborn babies are hairless, there are exceptions, and these exceptions are cute to look into.

No one has any definite answer as to why babies are born with little hair or no hairs at all, but the most plausible explanation seems to do something with maternal hormones and genes. But there is not much to worry about if they lose their hair quickly and regrow them in absolutely no time. 

Apart from hair, even the color and texture of the baby’s hair might change. Dark hair could make its reappearance a lot sparser and lighter while red hairs can give away to blonde while curly hairs can be straight.

What Process You Need to Take Care For Hair

Until your baby’s hairs figure out the consistency and color, you have to find a way to care about the baby’s available hair with an efficient baby hair care process. An efficient hair care process involves using a particular product and a proper baby care process that involves efficient usage of baby care products and proper techniques. Till then, here are some of the processes that will assist you in taking better care of your baby hair.

Some of the baby hair care processes can be listed as follows:-

baby hair
  • Newborn babies are not required to wash their hair every day. They can be given a quick shampoo treatment when you bathe your baby, but that is not needed to be done more than a couple of times a week.
  • Tearless baby shampoo can be used to massage your baby scalp gently. Your babies might stretch hair follicles and speed up hair loss or breakage if the scalped is massaged too briskly.
  • Headbands and ponytails must be avoided that pulls your baby’s hair too tightly, which can incur hair damage.

Your baby’s hair should be combed with a wide-toothed comb 

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  • Soft-bristle brush that won’t snag on tangles or pull your baby’s hair.
  • If the babies need a quick trim the same can be done to make them look presentable. This should be when the babies are well rested and fed so that they are manageable. You can also use some toys to distract the babies while they are getting the cut.


From now on, you should not be worried if your baby is born hairless or with spick hair. You also should not worry much if they lose their hair while growing as a part and process of their growth. All you can do is follow the baby mentioned above in the hair care process steps to take care of your baby’s hair and cut off a lock of that soft spiky newborn hair, paste it into your memory book and enjoy it till it lasts. 

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