Squirrel Baby Care Tips

squirrel baby care

Squirrel baby care is a challenge for most new parents because squirrels don’t have a very predictable calendar. Most years there are months when squirrels aren’t around, but their babies may still need care even in those months. The best way to handle this situation is to make sure you have plenty of food and shelter for your baby squirrels so they can survive even in the absence of their mother.

Diet Of Squirrel Babies

As far as food goes, most squirrel babies prefer grass, but you will want to make sure that they can easily find a source of food if they run out. Many times squirrel babies will eat seeds from trees near where they live, but it is still best to feed them near you because you can see where they are eating and be able to remove the seeds yourself. Also, make sure that you clean up any seed droppings immediately so you don’t attract more squirrels to your bird feeders or squirrel feeder area.

Squirrels love the nectar that is offered by many flowering plants, so consider making sure that your flowerbeds are planted with plenty of flowers and greenery. If you don’t want your flowerbeds to be overrun by squirrels, then consider planting trees or bushes between your flower beds. This will help deter squirrels from eating the plants. Some squirrels will also avoid fruit trees because they are not used to eating fruit. Make sure that you are offering plenty of fruits and vegetables to your tree dwellers.

Eating Habits Of Squirrels

Squirrels will spend most of their time looking for food and hiding it from you, so they will want to eat the food that is hidden somewhere that you can’t find. Keep your garbage cans locked or sealed, and remove any seeds or berries that might be attracting squirrels to your trash cans. If you don’t get rid of the food items that are attracting them, then the squirrels may use them to mark their territory, so you should try to prevent that from happening by cleaning up their mess after every squirrel feeding. Your garbage cans are one of the best ways that you can help reduce the number of squirrels that go into your yard.

Squirrels tend to have a lot of fat, so make sure that you offer a lot of treats to your squirrels. Squirrels like a good, nutritious meal that contains a variety of foods, so think about offering them chicken, ham, and chicken eggs on a regular basis. These are easy to cook and easy to store. You can also feed them peanut butter. or other nuts to keep their diets interesting.

Create Space For Baby Squirrel

Another important baby squirrel care tip is making sure that you always have a place for your baby squirrels to sleep, which will help them deal with their changing needs. If you have a nest box, you will want to place the food and water bowl inside the nest box, so they will have easy access to both. The best way to make sure that you can give them the best environment possible is by making sure that you have plenty of food and water for them, as well as toys that encourage them to explore.

Squirrels can get into trees, woodwork, and other things, so if your house has a lot of loose parts or debris that they can climb and chew on, consider removing the debris before the season gets underway. Be sure that you regularly inspect your home and clean any areas where they can be hiding. You will be surprised at how much trouble some squirrels can cause, so you can avoid having problems such as getting into your house and injuring yourself while cleaning.


Finally, you will want to know that squirrels have a tendency to be very destructive, so make sure that you keep your house clear of clutter. so that they will have little to no trouble reaching your stuff. Try to keep your bird feeders clean, and clear of toys for them to chew on, because squirrels have a great interest in them.

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