Things That You Need To Consider For The Baby Tears Plant Care

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Do you find it tricky to take care of a baby tears plant? Well, the thought of taking care of this delicate plant can be intimidating, but it is not as difficult as it seems. Baby tears plant looks so incredible with its dense, lush, and delicate green leaves. This charming baby tears plant looks so outstanding when falling from a hanging basket.

Moreover, scientifically this plant is known as the Soleirolia soleirolii or Helxine Soleirolii. Usually, you can find them in ornamental gardens or as a ground cover outdoors. You don’t need to fret about taking care of this plant and maintaining it properly. We have brought some basic things to consider for baby tears plant care to help you maintain and serve as an excellent houseplant.

Baby Tears Plant Care

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To grow these plants is very easy in your home, and it just requires little maintenance. To explore how to care for Soleirolia soleirolii, we have cracked down the whole process into mild variables to make things effortless for you.


A close up of a flower

The best part about the baby tears plant is that it does not require excessive and direct sunlight. It is a houseplant that can grow well in shady areas with marginal light. You can plant baby tears seeds in a place that has a moderate amount of sunlight exposure for optimal results. Try to keep them far from direct light as it may hinder their growth.


It is best to keep your container or bed consistently moist for its optimal growth. However, it should never be soggy. Water consistency is the first rule for taking care of a baby tears plant because over wet soil will let the bulbs decompose. So, it is essential to give it a moist environment, but the water level must not go overboard.


You need to check the soil moisture of the baby care plant regularly to keep the soil adequately moist. Besides, you have to ensure that there is sufficient air circulation and the container is well-draining. The soil you are using in your container must have good moss that helps the plant’s healthy growth while maintaining good soil moisture.


It is important to feed these plants well when they start growing. Try to fertilize them every two weeks in the summer and spring. It is the time when these plants are growing at the highest rate and need extra nutrients. Proper plant nourishment guarantees that you have a healthy plant. Besides, you can use a well-balanced watery houseplant compost that is adulterated by around half.

Final Words

Furthermore, the baby tears plant care requires regular attention to resemble their best. These are grown outdoors as an evergreen ground cover or filler plant for rock gardens in a warm climate. If it is planted outdoors in a colder zone, it dies out annually when the winter season starts. Overall, this fast-growing plant is easy to grow from potted greenhouse plants in the spring.

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