Tired of Having Your Kids Spill Their Food? Here Is to Solve Your Problem! You Definitely Love This!

Moms out there! Get rid of all the fuss that comes when your baby eats at the dining table with this rotating anti-slip baby bowl. Featuring a unique design, the bowl is designed with a rotating bowl that rotates at 360 degrees and avoids spilling. The gyro bowl is detachable which makes it easy to clean. The bowl has three hollow handles to let your little one hold it easily and comfortably. Read on to discover more interesting features of this baby food bowl.

Rotating Anti-Slip Bowl

Making little babies eat food on their own is tricky and creates a lot of mess. Fortunately, this innovative gyroscopic kid’s bowl can change the game and save moms from all the worries. The bowl features an inner bowl with a gyroscopic motion that takes turns at 360 degrees and keeps the dry items inside and avoids spills. The bowl will let the food sessions of your baby interesting without creating a mess for both you and your child.

This unique bowl comes in a one-of-a-kind planet Saturn design. Its bright colors, as well as the design, make it attractive to small kids. The best part of the bowl is that it trains the child to eat food without taking the help of an elder. Thanks to its ability to come to the original position even if your kiddo turns, tilts, or twists the bowl! 

Fetch this bowl that is equipped with three hollow handles that make it easy for kids to hold the bowl. The gyro bowl can be detachable easily and then reassembled in no time, making it easy for moms to clean it. It also has a lid for hassle-free storing the food.

The bowl is made from food-grade material and is PVC-free. The food bowl is sturdy and won’t crack, break, discolor, or melt. No matter what kind of baby food you store in it, it won’t change its nature.

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Pros Of Rotating Anti-Slip Bowl

  • Incredible gyroscopic anti-spill bowl.
  • Striking and unique planet Saturn design. 
  • Premium PP material construction.
  • Safe, robust, and durable.
  • Helps little kids eat on their own.
  • Easy to detach, reassemble, and clean.
  • Has a lid for hassle-free storage.
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Cons Of Rotating Anti-Slip Bowl

  • The baby bowl is not suited for liquid food.


This anti-slip baby food bowl features a gyroscopic bowl that automatically rotates and helps prevent slipping of dry food.  The bowl has three handles, making it comfortable for babies to hold it. Its gyroscopic bowl is detachable and can be re-attached easily. This bowl is safe for babies and can really help them eat food by themselves without resorting to their mothers. No matter whether your little one twist or tilt the bowl, it won’t spill the dry food. The only downside is that the bowl is not meant for wet food items. Take hold of it if you want to let your kiddo enjoy his or her dry food sessions completely without creating a mess!

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