Top 3 Daycare Baby Games That Will Keep Your Toddler Engaged In 2021

day care baby games

If your baby is just 12 months or one year, there are chances the toddler is spending some quality time with the toys and games. This is when your baby starts to understand the family members, learn to walk, play with the toys, and become fussy about the clothes and food. 

In our opinion, babies make huge development mentally and physically during this stage. Here, you have to support your toddler beyond the limits and never get fussy if making mistakes. 

How will you keep your toddler engaged and active without those boring games? This time instead of playing with the toys, try the 90s day care baby games, and your kid will surely love them. 

Here, we’re mentioning the day care games that will keep your child engaged round the clock. 

Writing In Rice And Sand 

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If you’re a 90s kid, you probably know about this game, and it will undoubtedly fascinate your toddler too. If you’re looking for a unique and creative way to keep your baby engaged for hours and hours, ‘Writing in rice and sand’ is a good option. The best part is many people have forgotten this game despite playing it during the vacation period. 

Take a container, add rice and sand, and now you can let your little one draw something or write his/her name. However, this game might be sounding very boring and awkward, but your kid will indeed fall in love with it. 

On the contrary, if your kid is very fussy about eating, the best alternative is food purees and yogurt. 

The Discovery Basket

A small child

The discovery basket is something that will raise curiosity in your little one’s mind. This is a game cum reward that will become one of the best memories for your child. As children are fussy, you can use the discovery basket to let your kid develop healthy eating habits.

You can put some toys and a kids’ dinner set as a gift for your baby in the discovery basket. If he/she is completing the daily chores without creating any mess, your kid will get rewards of his own choice from the discovery basket. 

Painting With The Water

This is also a game yet activity, which is also taught in the day care centers. If you want your little one to become the artist of your house, let him/her use the colors and water for curating the paintings. 

Yes, your child might make masterpieces full of mess and make your rooms dirty; you don’t have to worry. You never know when your child falls in love with painting and becomes one of the successful artists on this planet. It’s your responsibility to motivate him towards painting instead of shouting and staying behind. 

Final Words

As your toddler is in the growing stage, he/she requires attention, love, and care from you. With these daycare baby games, your baby will surely stay more engaged in fun-filled activities and not be too fussy as you were in your childhood. 

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