Top 9 Ideas for Baby Gifts in 2020

idea for baby gifts

Babies may seem like they are not doing anything except for eating and sleeping but the first year of their lives are the most crucial ones for their senses. They are ready to play even before they can properly hold a toy. So, the best baby gifts are presents that help them grow.

Best baby gifts would be those that engage them and stimulate their senses. It’s best to stay away from those that are more technological or flashing or lighting up because they can overstimulate the senses. Therefore, you have to be sure of the baby gifts that are giving the sense of response or feedback. In this article, we are going to enlist the top nine ideas for baby gifts.

“Indestructibles: Baby Faces” and Mozart Magic Cube

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“Indestructibles: Baby Faces ” by Amy Pixton and Kate Merritt is a hundred percent washable, nontoxic, rip-proof, and chew proof. Babies and toddlers love to chew on things and they love looking at various faces. So, the books are made with chewable materials, withstand ripping, and can last even after every havoc a baby can rain on it.

The Munchkin Mozart Magic cube is an educational one. By hitting the keys, the babies can make symphonies of sound and learn eight masterpieces of Mozart by combining the sounds. It includes piano, violin, French Horn, flute, and harp instrument sounds. The button to Orchestra plays all the instruments at once. Available at 23.99 dollars, the toy is safe for every baby because of its rounded and soft corners.

“You Are Light” and Elephant Lovey Soft Toys

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“You are light” by Aaron Becker is a board book with wonderful spare text and dry-cuts. It is a tribute of the author to the light and illumination within a baby. With a simple but beautifully die-cut book, the winner of Caldecott-Honor creates a graphic yellow sun surrounded by different colored dry-cut circles that illuminate when you hold the pages up to the light.

Toddlers and Babies like to feel diverse textures. So, the “taggies” or tags on the smiling elephant blankets or soft toys with those same soothing, satin tags sewn around are perfect for all babies. The combination of the blanket, soft toy, and rattles is the perfect baby gift, available only at 19.99 dollars. The toys are twelve inches approximately which is great for holding by the babies.

Baby Beads and Light up Rattle

Available at $11.99, the Manhattan Toy Classic colorful baby beads can be gummed, twisted and turned, and used for any interest of the baby. The multi-sensory baby beads are important for developing the baby’s gross motor skills.

“SmartNoggin NogginStick Developmental Light-up Rattle” is not flashy but responds to the movements of a baby by lighting up with three distinct colors. It is a long-lasting, quality made, and affordable toy that helps the parents to assess the progress of their development through fun games and activities.


It is vital to know if the babies are reaching their developmental marks at the right age. In the meantime, if both the baby and their first-ever friends play with – their parents can have some fun, there’s no harm in that instead it’s a great bonding opportunity.

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