Types of newborn dresses for boys and girls

newborn dresses

Newborn dresses are the most difficult thing to select. That is because there are so many designs and styles to choose from.

Newborn dresses can be short or long-sleeved while some have a sailor collar while others have Peter pan collars. Some newborn dresses have large bows while some have small ones. Some dresses come with ruffles, pockets on the front of the dress, and in some cases, bows attached to the dress.

1. Determine the sex of the baby

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Before buying the dress type, check to be sure that you are buying the right one for your baby girl or baby boy. Since newborn girls and boys have different fashion tastes;

Newborn dresses for boys should be brightly colored with embroidered designs on them. They should never be frilly or look like that of a ballerina dress. Embroidery designs also give it a more masculine look.

Newborn dresses for girls should be cute in every sense of the word. They should have ruffles, large bows, or flowers that are intricately designed on them. Large bows would suit well with baby girls that are just starting to develop their femininity. It also makes them look cuter to parents and other people who will see them.

2. Pick the right color

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Color is also another factor to determine what kind of dress would suit your baby girl or boy best. Newborn dresses come in a wide array of colors that can be used to match the baby’s skin tone. For example, if the baby has dark skin, then a dark-colored dress can be a very good choice. The same goes for babies that have light-colored skin.

3. Accessories and embellishments

Newborn dresses do not just come with the basics; it comes with accessories and embellishments to make them look unique and different from other newborn dresses. Some come with lace ruffles while others come with lace and other embellishments. It is up to you to decide if the added accessories would go well with your baby’s outfit for that day or match it.

4. Determine what kind of neckline you want

There are newborn dresses that have a high collar at the neckline which makes them look dressier while some have a small neckline. It is up to you to decide which one would look better on your baby girl or boy depending on the occasion and time of the day.

If the dress is for regular wear, then any neckline can be suitable such as round, square, boat necks, and even V-necks. Some dresses have small collars for formal wear.

Newborn dresses are designed to give both parents and babies a lot of options when it comes to what is suitable for their taste. Some newborn dresses come with flower prints or embroidery scarves while others come with bow ties, tassels, or sash on the waistline.

Parents should take their time when shopping for newborn dresses so that they can find the perfect one. For instance, if it is for a formal occasion, then the parents should choose the color and design of the dress carefully. Newborn dresses are also designed to be used by both baby girls and boys. This gives them a variety to select from.

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