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If you are looking for toys for your R Us Baby Bath set, you have a wide variety of choices. The following is an overview of the R Us line of toys. You can find many R Us Baby Bath toys in the colors shown: Blue, yellow, and Pink. They come with washable blankets, bottles, and other accessories like pacifiers.

The following R Us toys are geared toward different types of babies. Some of the items include: Infant Toilet, Baby Waffle, Baby Bottle brush, Diaper Dude, and Baby Rocker. These toys are safe for use in babies from newborns to infants 12 months old. You will see that all of the toys are made with love and creativity.

An Overview

The Baby Waffle is a waffle machine that you can use with your baby. It comes with a blue and yellow design. The Baby Bottle brush is designed to make clean up easy. It is a two handle brush that has a long handle and is really easy to clean up. The Diaper Dude is an inflatable dildo that comes in four great colors, including pink.

The Pink Diaper Dude is a great addition to any R Us baby bath set. This unique inflatable toy is soft and squishy and comes in four vibrant colors. The baby bath set also includes a bottle, soap, and lotion. These toys are safe for use in babies from newborns to 12 months old.

The Baby Rocker is another great addition to any R Us baby set. This inflatable ducky is a bouncy chair, you can stand on. It is perfect for playing with baby or taking a nap. This set also includes a towel and a washcloth.

One of the newest R Us line of toys is the Funtime Foam Pillow. It comes with an adorable looking duck and a fun sounding duck call. It will not only keep baby’s head warm, but it will also protect him from having cold sores while in the bath. This soft sided duck pillow has four sides that flip up for added comfort. It is also non slip which is perfect for those rainy days.

Unique Toys From R Us

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The Diaper Dude is the most unique and creative of all R Us toys. It looks just like a diaper. It also acts like a diaper. This unique toy can be used as a comforter as well. The Diaper Dude will let your baby know that he/she is a big boy/girl and that he/she is needed.

We love the idea of combining parents and babies in a way like this. What makes these toys so great is that they are made from high quality materials that will last for years. If you are ready to give your child the very best in toys, why not consider one of these R Us bath set or other R Us baby toys? Good luck and happy shopping!

Let’s face it. Babies grow and often outgrow their toys. In the past you would need to purchase a new one each year. However, with these affordable, yet durable bath sets you will have many years of use out of them. And if you ever decide to get a new one, you will be glad you decided to go with R Us.

There are several types of bath sets available in the R Us line. First there is the All Terain Classic Duo set. With this set for your little one will get a bath set with two complete washcloths, a wash rug, a tissue holder, a hairbrush and more. You will also get a matching dust ruffle and a brush set. This is the perfect addition to any modern master bathroom.

In The End

Whether you choose an R Us Unique Baby Gift or simply a simple and plain wash cloth set R Us offers a variety of fun and unique toys for your baby. Not only will you be getting a great value for money, but you will also be providing a unique gift that your friends and family will surely enjoy. So check out our website for some fun and unique gift ideas and make someone happy this holiday season. All Terains, Unique Toys and More!

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