Unusual Baby Gifts – Makes a Big Splash

unsual baby gifts

Unusual baby gifts are the perfect way to surprise a new parent for a shower. Often, a surprise baby shower is a once in a lifetime event for a new mom and dad and they deserve to have everything they need to nurture their new bundle of joy. It’s so much fun to go shopping for things for a baby shower, but many new moms get so worried about what the gifts will look like that they end up not shopping at all! Well, that’s a big problem! Here are some tips on what you can get for your next unusual baby shower.

If you want to make something special, unique baby gifts are the way to go. They come in all different shapes, sizes, styles, colors, etc. and most times they are handmade as well. There are tons of great gifts that can be made out of different kinds of material and you can find a unique one for just about any baby or child. Just think about how cute a baby blanket or diaper bag would be with a little animal or cuddly plush monkey on the front. That could make a super cute gift that will be a big hit at the baby shower!

Unique Toys

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Another one of the most popular gifts for baby showers are toys. Kids love playing with toys and parents love to pick them up after a hard day. One great idea is to give away a couple of toys that can be played with by the child as they grow. This is a sure fire way to get parents to buy more toys for the baby!

One other thing that people really like are candles and incense cones. Lots of people love using these types of items to spruce up the baby shower without making it too austere or stuffy. Candles and incense cones make a fun alternative to giving traditional presents for a baby shower without being a forced choice. These unique baby gifts will never go out of style.


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If you want to get more out of an ordinary gift, you can always turn it into a spa type of gift. Many parents like to treat their baby with a special gift certificate for a day at the spa or a day at a fancy salon. You could get them a package deal for when they go to the beauty salon, the pedicure stylist, the manicure artist or a facial masquerade. That is one less gift that you have to purchase for the mom-to-be!

Unusual baby gifts are often great for unique baby showers. If you know what kind of gift you want to give a mom-to-be, you can probably think of several things that she might really enjoy. Gifts that involve personal care products are very popular for showers. A bath set or even a few gift baskets filled with skin care products could be a really good idea for the expectant parents. If you want to offer something a bit more expensive that will also be appreciated by the mother to be, you could consider buying her a few designer handbags.

Some Additional Gifts

If you are not sure what to buy as gifts for a baby, you should consider buying something that will actually be used by the mother to be on her arrival date. This may sound a little bit weird, but if you are buying something that the mom is sure to need on the day she gives birth, you should probably consider getting her a few bottles of her favorite drink and a gift card to her favorite restaurant. If she is a newbie when it comes to anything to do with babies, she will be ecstatic that you thought of her as part of the family and made her experience a little easier. Some moms even go as far as saving the day by purchasing a plane ticket for the mother to be! It is really the kind of unusual and personalized gifts that make a lasting impression on all who receive them, even if the recipient doesn’t realize that they were bought with a lot of thought.


Unusual baby gifts are perfect to give at any time of the year, but the best gifts for babies are those that come from the heart and have a lot of personal meaning attached. If you can find a unique and caring gift that offers such meaning, it will make an unforgettable impression on the new mommy. And the new baby girl or boy will thank you over again!

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